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Scratching Post

Wow! So, this is my first post using blogger. I decided to off the other site I had and am working on a new one. For now, I'll be blogging here with my usual quips about whatever I feel like talking about. Hope you enjoy what's to come from AAinWonderland in The Wonderblog.

I decided to start off by talking about Rodarte for Men which is a collection that is currently available in Opening Ceremony stores.

Now, I'm into fashion and respect the visions of designers, but this is too much for me. $2760 dollars for that is just crazy. I can see the appeal in it, but if you want a sweater that looks like a cat decided to use it as a scratching post then by all means buy it. My friend has a mean cat that would love to tear a sweater apart. Give me $50 bucks and I'll get you a sweater that looks just like the Rodarte one above and I'll do it for a fraction of the price.

Btw, I really dislike my friend's cat. No one likes her cat. I'm against animal cruelty so I would never hurt it, but sometimes I'm tempted to let it outside and hope it doesn't find its way home. Is that mean? Not really because you don't know Snow (the cat a.k.a Devil Cat).


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