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Dope Ropes

Rope inspired jewelry is getting pretty big now. Below are a couple of my favorite looks. Maybe I'll even do a DIY post one day to show you how to make your own. 

 pic via Jaclyn Mayer

The necklace above can definitely be made by crocheting differently colored ropes. I'm actually learning how to crochet now, so this would be fun to make. As of yet, I've made two headbands and am working on a large circle scarf for my mom. She'll be lucky if she gets it by the end of Winter because it's gonna take a while. 

The necklace above would also be an easy DIY. All you would need to do is braid long strips of fabric. The piece above is $56 dollars and is made by Theif and Bandit. I will post my own version of it for you soon.  


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