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I'm An Andy Girl.

Did you know that love Andy Warhol? I used to read bios about him in middle school and have totally digested his work. I love his style (art-wise, not much for his love of toupees though). I was at the Baltimore Museum of Art today and came across to Warholian pieces.


So, I'm looking into buying a new camera. Preferably a Nikon D40 or 90, but it's a pretty steep price tag. It'll be a nice treat to save up for during the next few years I suppose (unless you'd like to make a donation lol). For now I have my Coolpix, Nikon fm10, and soon my Holga to keep me busy. The Fm10 is cool, but dealing with film takes time, and most of my pics end up online anyway so I'd have to scan them. The coolpix is again cool, but I'd like a more professional grade camera. The coolpix is good for party pics though. The Holga is something I'm looking forward to purchasing. It's a toy camera, but I would like to see what I can make with it, just for fun.


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