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Cool Shoes: Old School Meets New School

I just subscribed to Street Etiquette (ok, a little late on this site, but give me a break). Those dudes (Joshua and Travis) really know their stuff and have super fresh style. Anyway, their post on the penny loafer really caught my attention and led me to look up the history of the classic shoe.

pic via Street Etiquette

Here is a link about the penny loafer: a penny for your thoughts

In case you don't feel like reading the whole thing, let me break it down for you. Thank me later.

The Penny Loafer 
  • "The penny loafer originated in the 1930s when loafers of several varieties were fashionable as men's and women's shoes."
  • "When pay-phones were still ubiquitous and hadn't yet been raised to a quarter, the penny loafer was often the source of funds for an emergency phone call home, especially for school-age children or teens on dates."

But wait! There's more!
Then I saw these shoes on Flickr by choseyourshoes. If you think about it slip-on sneakera are like modern loafers. It's a stretch, but lets roll with it. Plus, I think these shoes are dope and wanted to show you all.

Random but not so random thought: This is the second cat reference I've made since starting this blog. I really don't care for cats too much (more of a dog person), so this is funny too me. Oh well.

Oh another funny thought. Since I'm thinking about cats I decided to post the following video because my friend's little sister had me look at cat videos online over the weekend. I swear I don't care about cats. :)


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