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What Had Happened Was

So, I haven't blogged in a bit. What had happened was that I've been so busy writing on other sites that I haven't been focusing on this one. The AAinWonderblog project has been good, but I'm thinking of doing something new. I don't know what to call it, but it'll be Anuli.

There Will Never Be Another

The Gucci Group has decided to continue with the Alexander McQueen brand after his recent death. They plan to show a A/W 2010 collection during Paris Fashion Week. Personally, I think they should not continue with the brand because there is absolutely no one else that can duplicate what McQueen did. I understand the business side of it (sales have soared way up), but what about the intregrity of the brand and McQueen himself. I do not think this is what he would have wanted. When McQueen died the essence of his brand did too. Neither can be fully brought to life again.

A Sad Day Indeed

Today designer Alexander McQueen was found dead in his home. I am truly speechless right now.

The Original Nasty Gal: Betty Davis

I recently did an interview for inCOLOR with Brooklyn-based designer Tennille McMillan. When I asked her who her style icons were she recognized Betty Davis as someone who's style she loves.  The entire interview will be up on the inCOLOR site tomorrow. Check it out!

There are a lot of singers with crazy cool style, but can they really compare to Ms. Betty Davis? As the second wife of Miles Davis she is noted to have inspired a lot of his work including his album Bitches Brew. As a model and musician she evoked creativity in everything she did.




Fantasy Shopping At Tracy Reese

You all should know that I am young, fabulous, and broke. So until I win some type of lottery or get a job that pays in the higher two-digit range per hour then there is no way I am going to afford Tracey Reese anything (even on sale) anytime soon. But, if I could buy from her Tracy Reese collection then below are some items I would purchase in a hot minute. 

Black Zebra Placement Jersey Cinched Frock

Tracy Reese Black Shadow Dots 3/4 Coat

Tracy Reese Trailing Floral Puff Chemise

frock! "Sofia" in Tomato

plenty Black Festival Friction V-Neck Tunic

Tracy Reese Black Iridescent Back Bow Coat

plenty Black Combo Sweater Dress


There are a plethora (nice word eh?) of reasons I currently want need a polaroid camera.
1. They give you almost instant printed pictures.
2. I like the spontanaeity of the results.
3. They are portable.
4. Andy Warhol took cool portraits with polaroids which would be nice to re-create with my friends.
5. I would love to do this to one of my walls (best most vital reason for me).
6. Lady Gaga is the new creative director of the polaroid company so I know it's gonna come back looking awesome.


pic sources: artknowledge, touchingharmstheart, thefab

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