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That About Sums It Up...Yep.

I Love Me Some Paul Newman

Happy Birthday to the Late and Great Paul Newman. George Clooney has nothing on you sir. In honor of his birthday today they played some of his movies on television, including Cat on A Hot Tin Roof by my favorite playwright Tennessee Williams. I actually had an epiphany today and figured out (in my opinion) what it really means to be a Cat on A Hot Tin Roof. I actually never thought too much about it because I was always dazzled by the beauty of Mr. Newman and Elizabeth Taylor in the movie.

The Award For My Fav Spring 2010 Ad Goes To....

Alexander McQueen for Alexander McQueen. McQueen was actually the only designer nominated in this category because he squashed everyone else. All hail Your Royal Fierceness.

Here's a fact about me. I am deathly afraid of mice. I like snakes because they eat mice. Don't even think about approaching me with either though. That's not a threat, it's a warning. : )

I'm An Andy Girl.

Did you know that love Andy Warhol? I used to read bios about him in middle school and have totally digested his work. I love his style (art-wise, not much for his love of toupees though). I was at the Baltimore Museum of Art today and came across to Warholian pieces.


So, I'm looking into buying a new camera. Preferably a Nikon D40 or 90, but it's a pretty steep price tag. It'll be a nice treat to save up for during the next few years I suppose (unless you'd like to make a donation lol). For now I have my Coolpix, Nikon fm10, and soon my Holga to keep me busy. The Fm10 is cool, but dealing with film takes time, and most of my pics end up online anyway so I'd have to scan them. The coolpix is again cool, but I'd like a more professional grade camera. The coolpix is good for party pics though. The Holga is something I'm looking forward to purchasing. It's a toy camera, but I would like to see what I can make with it, just for fun.

Just Do It...Yourself

If you keep up with The Wonderblog I said last week in the "Dope Ropes" post that I would do some D.I.Y accessories inspired by the pictures I posted. Here are a couple of my results. It's kind of sparked a creative frenzy in my body and I've been making a lot of things during the past week. I love it because I used to make things on a daily basis when I was younger, so it's great to go back to doing that again.
By the way, Project Runway comes on tonight. My favorite quote from the commercials is, "It's hard being black, gay and in the ghetto." That guy seems fun, so I can't wait to hear more quotes from him.

Knotted necklace made by moi.

Hair bow/pin made by moi. 

Ethnic Style History and Fashion Book

I was looking through a book called Ethnic Style History and Fashion Book the other day and found some cool pictures:

Silver hand ornament with pieces of colored glass.

An entirely tattooed groom. Circa 1867. 

Old Maori with facial tattoos. Polynesia, New Zeland.

Currently Reading: A.L.T. by Andre Leon Talley

I am currently reading A.L.T. by Andre Leon Talley. The book is a memoir of his life that focuses primarily on his relationship with his two "mothers"; his grandmother that raised him and famed editor Diana Vreeland. So far so very good.

Andre Leon Talley and Diana Ross. Studio 54 New Years Eve Party 1978-1979

Book Cover

Matchy McMatch Match

Denim is going to be a big trend for 2010. Look out.

I like the denim in this picture from Vogue China:

As long as it doesn't turn into this:

    Britney and Justin.

From A Galaxy Far Far Away

I love tie-dye apparel by Shabd . Is it just me or do they look like scenes from outer space? Super futuristic-ish.


Models...they eat

I love this picture from Getting Away published December 2009 featuring models Kyle Saunders and Roy Pratt.

Maybe because I love Chinese food or maybe because the guys are attractive hot in a James Dean sort of way. Whatever the picture is cool, in its simplicity, to me.


I love this picture from Dazed and Confused January 2010 issue featuring model Lyndsey Scott.

Insect-ual Feeling

I don't even like bugs, especially if they invade my personal space by coming indoors. However, I do like these prints by Christopher Marley .


Love: Illustrations by Edustries

The dudes at Edustries are majorly talented.


Natalie Portman!!!!

Natalie Portman Elle UK January 2010

Read the cover: How come we don't say "Queue" in the states. It's so much shorter than saying "wait in line".

I think Natalie Portman is the coolest. I don't know why maybe it's her acting or maybe it's this:

That's all.

Isn't She Precious?

I love that the fashion industry (i.e. Mark Fast and V Magazine respectively) are getting into using larger models, but I hope that's not a fad or some way to make money. V has been highly publicized lately for using plus size models in their upcoming issue. I just hope it lasts more than an issue. It's kind of like how Italian Vogue released their All Black Issue and then the issue after that didn't feature black models. I'm just saying... I hope this is the beginning of a long-lasting trend and not a fad. And, I hope that you know the difference. 

V Magazine cover January 2010 featuring Precious star Gabourey Sidibe.     

Marc Jacobs Got Married! Yay!

So, I'm just going to assume my invitation to the wedding of Marc Jacobs and Lorenzo Martone got lost in the mail. Word has it the two got married in St. Barts recently. I'm sure the reception was really crazy and fun.

pic via New York Magazine

Below is what I would give to the lovely couple as a wedding gift:

pic via Cafe Press

We all know that Marc's shows always start "fashionably" late, so why not give them a clock inspired by one of his favorite cartoons The Simpsons. Maybe with this they can finally start a show on time.

Dope Ropes

Rope inspired jewelry is getting pretty big now. Below are a couple of my favorite looks. Maybe I'll even do a DIY post one day to show you how to make your own. 

 pic via Jaclyn Mayer

The necklace above can definitely be made by crocheting differently colored ropes. I'm actually learning how to crochet now, so this would be fun to make. As of yet, I've made two headbands and am working on a large circle scarf for my mom. She'll be lucky if she gets it by the end of Winter because it's gonna take a while. 

The necklace above would also be an easy DIY. All you would need to do is braid long strips of fabric. The piece above is $56 dollars and is made by Theif and Bandit. I will post my own version of it for you soon.  

Riding Dirty

Now, I'm not really knowledgeable on cars and stuff. I wouldn't mind driving a Honda for the rest of my life because they are very reliable. BMW, Mercedes, Land Rover...nah not for me.

But, this car right here, this car right here is hot. It's like Kit from Knight Rider but to the nth degree of coolness. I really love the theme song from that show. It's definitely on my Ipod even though it came on before I was born.

Lamborghini Ankonian Concept by Slavche Tanevsky
For your entertainment:

No Words: Michael Cera Gets A Makeover


pic 1 via The Life Files                                          
pic 2 via internet news

Sequals are Unequal

Sequals always annoy because they're never as good as the first in my opinion. Sometimes they are (cheers) but most times they aren't (jeers). Plus, it annoys me after a while.

Exhibit A: The Land Before Time 1-13. Now, that's just ridiculous. 

 pic via I Offer


This year we will have Shrek Forever After in theaters which will be the fourth installment of the Shrek series.This can either be really good or really bad. My pick is on the latter. 

Hilarous Stop Signs

 Check out this link of Hilarious Stop Signs

This is funny because around where I live I found this: 

No Words: The Japanese Snuggie

Oh no Mr. Roboto!

pic via

Cool Shoes: Old School Meets New School

I just subscribed to Street Etiquette (ok, a little late on this site, but give me a break). Those dudes (Joshua and Travis) really know their stuff and have super fresh style. Anyway, their post on the penny loafer really caught my attention and led me to look up the history of the classic shoe.

pic via Street Etiquette

Here is a link about the penny loafer: a penny for your thoughts

In case you don't feel like reading the whole thing, let me break it down for you. Thank me later.

The Penny Loafer 
  • "The penny loafer originated in the 1930s when loafers of several varieties were fashionable as men's and women's shoes."
  • "When pay-phones were still ubiquitous and hadn't yet been raised to a quarter, the penny loafer was often the source of funds for an emergency phone call home, especially for school-age children or teens on dates."

But wait! There's more!
Then I saw these shoes on Flickr by choseyourshoes. If you think about it slip-on sneakera are like modern loafers. It's a stretch, but lets roll with it. Plus, I think these shoes are dope and wanted to show you all.

Random but not so random thought: This is the second cat reference I've made since starting this blog. I really don't care for cats too much (more of a dog person), so this is funny too me. Oh well.

Oh another funny thought. Since I'm thinking about cats I decided to post the following video because my friend's little sister had me look at cat videos online over the weekend. I swear I don't care about cats. :)

Versace Spring 2010 RTW

According to Donatella Versace, the Versace Spring 2010 RTW collection was influenced by the movie Alice in Wonderland.  The Tim Burton remake comes out March 5, 2010. I thought that it would be fitting to post some of my favorite looks from the collection. Btw, I'm looking forward to seeing the movie when it comes out. Now if only Donatella could send me a dress to wear...

pics via

Scratching Post

Wow! So, this is my first post using blogger. I decided to off the other site I had and am working on a new one. For now, I'll be blogging here with my usual quips about whatever I feel like talking about. Hope you enjoy what's to come from AAinWonderland in The Wonderblog.

I decided to start off by talking about Rodarte for Men which is a collection that is currently available in Opening Ceremony stores.

Now, I'm into fashion and respect the visions of designers, but this is too much for me. $2760 dollars for that is just crazy. I can see the appeal in it, but if you want a sweater that looks like a cat decided to use it as a scratching post then by all means buy it. My friend has a mean cat that would love to tear a sweater apart. Give me $50 bucks and I'll get you a sweater that looks just like the Rodarte one above and I'll do it for a fraction of the price.

Btw, I really dislike my friend's cat. No one likes her cat. I'm against animal cruelty so I would never hurt it, but sometimes I'm tempted to let it outside and hope it doesn't find its way home. Is that mean? Not really because you don't know Snow (the cat a.k.a Devil Cat).

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